It is a perfect beach umbrella, weather shelter, and a sun tent. The eight feet wide Sport-Brella XL is an original weather shelter and portable sun with all the amazing features offer you to enjoy the outing near beach. No matter Whether you’re at the beach side, on the sidelines, or enjoying yourself anywhere else then there is no easier, more suitable or effective preservation available.

One may find the big umbrella somewhere, but with all the attractive addition attributes like sports Brella XL you won’t get any. The product is made of 9 feet long when opening and 5 feet wide when closing and along that has UPF 50 plus sun preservation rating, wind vents, and water repellent.

On the other side, it protects you over 99.5 percent of UVB and UVA rays. When it’s not in use it takes just a few seconds to fold up and to setup. It can be setup using the provided 8 steel ground poles and with three ties down straps. This umbrella specialty is that included with a carry bag as well storage bag. Sometimes you might want to own a large one, and then there will be no good option than buying this which is suitable for complete all-weather protection.

Why Sport-Brella XL is a hit product


  • The XL size is about 5 feet long when closed but when opens is about 9 feet wide.
  • The product featured with a UPF 50 + sun preservation, weather protection as well as water repellant.
  • It’s the best product which protects one from over 99.5 % UVB and UVA rays.
  • Sports Brella XL offers you with a cute carry and a storage bag
  • Also, it features with an 8 steel ground poles and three ties down straps of eight feet each.


  • This product can be made using the colors like blue, light blue, orange, black etc.
  • The polyester quality of the product 210.
  • The product weight around 10 lb.
  • The width of the umbrella can be opened up to 108’’.
  • This product can be folded up to the length 63’’.
  • The product dimension is 59 x 4 x 4 inches.

There are numbers of online stores which are dealing with the business, bur choosing the right one would the toughest task. Finding popular online store would be the ideal choice, one of the best and trustable online stores is Amazon;

But before buying any product it is suggested to have a look at the buyer reviews. For this sports Brella XL product had good ratings. Most of the product owners are looking quite happy about so many things such as the top cover, easy to use, superb functionality, durability and the efficiency of the pole.

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